Satispay: una storia di successo


Clemente Sardi
 General Counsel @Satispay



Led by Alberto Dalmasso, Dario Brignone and Samuele Pinta, Satispay is revolutionizing the world of electronic payments by setting new standards for transparency and efficiency.
A payment network allowing people to send money from a smartphone app that is both simple and secure.
Independent from any specific bank or credit/debit card network, Satispay has managed to provide its service while lowering the high commissions that are typical of the electronic payment sector.
Creating a profile is as simple as downloading the Satispay app and signing up with your personal ID and bank account IBAN. Once activated the Satispay account is topped up automatically every week, allowing users to send money to friends, pay in stores, top up mobile phone credit, pay pagoPA services and set aside small amounts of money.
More than 400,000 customers are actively using Satispay. Physical stores and eCommerce websites accepting Satispay payments are over 50,000.